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Exa Wedding Company!
We plan your perfect moments.

We are a team of young talented and creative individuals based in Cochin, Kerala. We have joined together to put our unique signature on your big day by designing your dream and shouldering all your responsibilities as ours to make your dream come true. Our motto is to walk with you and ease all your worries by turning your vision into reality. With over 8 years of experience in wedding designing and planning industry, Exa Wedding Company has driven through all the turning points one by one to achieve our standards. We are a team of assertive individuals who make sure that each wedding we plan is perfect and at its peak of success.


Personable, Professional And Perfectionist

Bhrugu is the rock-bottom of Exa . He is a person of pure will and vision who has been planning weddings in India for the last 8 year .The idea of being a wedding planner knock his head before 10 years when he and his friends arranged one of his friends marriage who was in financial struggle .while he was entering into this industry he knew nothing about the competition or the big huge market behind it, only his passion guided him. Like a young novice, he walked into the huge world of wedding designing and planning and has been growing ever since and has successfully completed a large number of weddings. He is the one who offers the customer what they demands than what is already in hand. He is the pioneer of exa who has turned a lot of pages with golden signature.


Pooja Vijay

Creative, Committed, Capable

Pooja is the woman power of EXA weddings. She is a meticulous wedding planner who passionately strives hard to convert precious expectations into memorable reality. Following her post-graduation in commerce from the CMS college where she was well known for spearheading several events, Pooja decided to do what she loves by becoming a wedding planner, to confidently take on a personalized approach of seamless blending of modern style with tradition values. Her creative skills coupled with her strong commitment to being cost efficient makes Pooja leave her unique signature to everything she takes on. Her proven ability to plan ‘the perfect moment’ perfectly, contributes immensely to the success of Exa.

Nithin K Thomas

Sporty, Steady And Systematic

Nithin is the energizer of Exa. Having started working in an industrial background in Dubai he came all the way back to Kerala and shifted his career to wedding planning for his true passion. He is a calm and steady winner of Exa who puts a’ wow ‘factor in everything he does by looking into each detail of client’s requirement to make sure that nothing falls. His creative spirit is such that it always adds a seal to everything he takes interest in. He is the one who is service oriented and committed to interpreting clients expectations into reality. The experiences in planning several events made him confident enough to become a wedding planner. His contributions when together binds creates a unique Exa experience.


Client Love

Planning a dream wedding, but tight on time?

Leave the job to the experts and watch the fairy tale unfolding.
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