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About Exa Weddings

We are team of young talented and creative individuals based in Cochin, Kerala. We have joined together to put our unique signature on big day by designing your dream and shouldering all your responsibilities make your dream come true. With experience and enthusiasm, the best event management companies in Kerala. Our motto is walk with you and ease all your worries by turning your dream into reality.

Our expertise in wedding stage decorations, beach wedding planning and traditional-nontraditional weddings are commended and praised by many. If you are looking for wedding planner in Kerala, EXA weddings is answer for you, are team of assertive individuals who make sure each wedding we plan is perfect and at peak of success.

Wedding Variations

Fixing the best type of wedding that matches your dreams is real fun if you are planning it with the right people. You might be dreaming of a destination wedding or a fabulous beach wedding, now you have the options to plan it from any place in the world. Exa weddings is the best wedding event management company in Kottayam and Kochi, Kerala, with a booming experience of creating special days for very special couples. Choose your dream wedding and we will make it come true. Tear alert… But only the happy tears.

Destination wedding

Do you dream of an exotic destination wedding? Then do it with the best destination wedding planners in Kerala! EXA weddings will create a magical wedding day at your dream destination. We relieve you from the stress and tension of planning the details outside your home town. Beautiful locations, flowers cake and food- we arrange everything to suit your taste. Exa weddings arrange and host your wedding at interesting locations anywhere in India.

International weddings

Want to make your vows in an exotic international location? EXA creates spectacular weddings by planning and coordinating everything that you dreamed of, so that you can fly to your dream destination and have your wedding without any worry. We will plan your wedding with all the glory at any international destination of your choice.

Traditional weddings

Traditional weddings are known for their style, grandeur, tradition and magnificence .with family and friends; a close knit gathering with all the enriching cultural elements- is that the wedding you are always hoped for? Hire us for a warm wedding that will highlight your cultural and religious background. Let's make your special day dazzling in the elegance of traditions.

Inter-Cultural Weddings

Are you from different cultural or religious backgrounds? We can arrange for you, a wedding that can mix elements of both your culture and your sweetheart’s, or a secular function of your choice.

Holiday weddings

Holiday seasons are special times of fun and celebrations. Are you planning for Valentine’s Day wedding? Do you want a wedding dipped in red roses? Arrange a Christmas wedding with lights and bells warming your special moments? Contact us for holiday weddings that can add layers of joy to your big day.

Candle light weddings

Let's create a one of a kind celebration filled with romance in the golden glister of candlelight. Such a wedding will be an unforgettable occasion for you and your guests. We will give an extra special touch to your fairytale wedding with tea lights to brass candelabra to bring the classy romantic feel to it.

Long Weekend Wedding

A love story beyond the barriers of religion and culture should be celebrated in the most special way. Let’s help you to arrange a union that is a beautiful and heartwarming mix of both of your cultural and religious backgrounds. Or arrange a secular ceremony that would be equally graceful and elegant.

Houseboat weddings

The scenic beauty of picturesque landscapes, surrounded by the tranquillity of water! Why not plan a houseboat wedding to celebrate your special day in a very unique manner? Serene Backwaters, scenic landscapes and romantic houseboats, every element will bring an out of the world experience. Plan your extravagant houseboat weddings that will match your dreams.

Beach wedding

Sun, sand and water, everything about the beach are romantic. If you are a die-hard romantic, an evening beach wedding with the shimmering sun in the background would be the perfect wedding for you! A beach wedding planner in Kerala, like EXA weddings, can make all the difference to your event! Let us help you to make your vows at the beach and give a quixotic ambiance to your big day.

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