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Our services won’t cost more than your planned budget. wedding planners charge a service cost as a percentage of the total finalized budget of your wedding and wedding planners saves both money and time for you. we also provide special rates to our customers as what our vendors provided to us.

A wedding planner is a hired professional who put there uniqueness and creativity to plan your wedding. Wedding planners will have pre- knowledge about the requirements of the wedding. they are your stress releifers  and will provide you everything for your big day.

Exa wedding company

  • Plan your perfect events
  • Make your big day a very big day
  • Will make you visualize your dream day
  • Plan your wedding according to your requirements and budget
  • Wedding planners make weddings customized

Wedding planners are burden takers, they will take off all the burdens from your head and settle everything  for your big day.by hiring a wedding planner  you can enjoy your engagement and your perfect wedding day. wedding planners will provide you with a variety of detailings that include the minute element of your wedding to your major elements. Wedding planners help you to decide on details like cake, cards, cars, dress, stylist, caterers, honeymoon packages and beyond. It takes an average of 200 hours to plan a wedding it is really difficult to take care of everything by the bride and groom by hiring a wedding planner they will shoulder all the responsibilities and will create a picture of your big day.

First of all, the wedding planner you choose must be a person to whom you are comfortable and confident with what they are providing. the wedding planner you choose must be able to provide you with immense number of options as per your requirements .a friendly relationship makes a sense with the planner as if it helps you to convey more and more ideas.

Yes, you can, we will plan your requirements  according to your budget and are really happy to work within your budget.

Usually you contact with a wedding planner 8-12 months before your wedding as if the vendors ,venues caterers have to be booked in advance. But Any time before your wedding you can contact a wedding planner and we are ready to help you.

  • Your style of wedding
  • Estimated budget
  • Your requirements
  • Estimated guest
  • Wedding or engagement date ,month etc.

We plan social events such as anniversaries, engagement parties, corporate events and other special events.. We are ready to take care of every thing.

Now a days it is a usual phenomena to get married from different cultures.we have multiple option for those couples to make it colourfull.

Yes of course! We are here to provide you all the detailings of your ore and post wedding ceremonies.

To plan a perfect event it usually requires a lot of effort and time, in order to pre-book our services to ensure that they will be available on your big day we need 6-7 months prior to your wedding day.but you can contact as also in a hurry, because of your busy schedule and we will plan it perfectly.

We are complete wedding solution providers. Usually we take it as a whole wedding..as we have a good team of workers and at the same time we will understand your needs and do as the case may be.

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